Allergies X Cough X Awesome

It’s been two weeks since I last sat at my doctor’s clinic. Two weeks of itchy throat, constant coughing, nasal congestion, watery eyes and sleepless nights. He diagnosed me with allergies. Apparently, I was allergic to the weather, to a substance in the air and to dust. At first I was like “Wow! Totyal! Allergic sa yab-ok.” and my thoughts trotted to the deepest unknown, “This must be an epidemic or a virus and thousands of people might die. What’s worse, I might die.” Crazy but maybe true. Most of the people I know suffer from the same condition. I went over the internet and read that such an allergy exists. (Not that I believe the internet more than my doctor) Anyway, I had to take a couple of medications, which I really really really hate (I find it difficult to swallow tabs hehe), and in a few days I was a-okay! Morning and nightmares came a.k.a. Thesis and I had a 39Β° fever. I cooled down after thanks to Nicolea and Zoey. Love you hihi xx The allergies came back and they were back for realzzz.

Say hello to my new-found friends. They are always there for me, never leave me alone. I talk to them when I cannot sleep at night. They sometimes hear me cry. They are my source of relief and hope that someday I will overcome this tragic moment in my life.

But here’s the good part! This allergy has its benefits too. I left out my miracle friend out of the photo because I didn’t have any left. The calamansi! It does wonders for me. First, I like a good hot cup of calamansi juice to kick start my morning; second, it’s absolutely refreshing; and of course, lastly, it gets me through the bitchiness of my itchy throat. I drink a minimum of 2 cups everyday each with 8-10 pieces of calamansi. To lessen the tang, I don’t use sugar but I use honey instead. Sugars are the worst enemies of throats so stay away from them and refrain from eating sweets or cold drinks. Plus, honey is a natural pain reliever because it creates a coating in your throat and helps it heal. Drinking cups and cups of hot calamansi juice didn’t only help me sleep well at night but it also decreased my stomach fats. Tested proven and effective! I was so focused on its effect on my throat, that I didn’t notice I was losing weight. So if you want to rock a hot bod this summer, calamansi is your friend.

Okay, I’m actually not very overjoyed about the losing weight part. It took my a lot of time and effort to bulk up. I guess I have to buy another box of donuts again.

So until now I’m still living with the allergy and the coughing. I just hope one day it would go away soon so I can be my energetic and crazy self again.



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En route to…

Since I have no choice but to sit here for the next 3 hours with nothing to do, (my files are on the external inside our office where there’s a photoshoot going on at present) I thought I’d get started on my posts regarding my Ilokandia trip. Posts? God knows it could be a novel long so I decided to blog like chapters. A chapter for each Ilocos tour day.

Our tour started with, of course, getting there.



We landed at NAIA 7 hours before our next flight to Laoag. The traffic was intense, as always. Mostly our time was consumed on travelling from the airport to MOA and back.

Touchdown Laoag!



I fancied the aura Laoag had because they preserved all their buildings and establishments. This is one of the reasons I have gratitude to the Spanish for their influence. Laoag is kind of reminiscent of how Iloilo used to look like when I was 7 years old. I miss the old Iloilo.


Our first stop was the Bell Tower. Can you see Mama Mary? Look closely.



A whole day of flights and taxi rides didn’t tire us one bit. We were excited to explore Laoag at night. Our first stop was the city’s night market near our hotel. I didn’t just fall in love with what I saw in Laoag but fell in love with the Ilocanos as well. They’re all very nice and charming. They’re probably the nicest people I know! And this is a tiny melon…



Like Roxas City, you can roam around Laoag with trikes. I find their version cool! Their trikes have stainless steel sidecars and plate numbers.


We called it a night after late dinner at my fave, Mcdo!

Will post Day 1 soon!


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I like to tease so here’s a photo of my short trip to Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte. More photos during my Ilocandia trip soon!



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Long lines

Forgive me for doing an all-text post since I hardly had time to take my phone out to snatch a single photo of my passport experience today.

The day of my scheduled visit to DFA, my alarm didn’t go off. The days before which I didn’t have to get up early, my alarm chooses to go off at 6 AM everyday. But srsly? Today my phone decided to shush itself. As if my bad luck didn’t end there, I had to wait a long line for my documents and IDs to be photocopied at the center near my house. This I can’t blame on life because I know, I know, I should have prepared my documents the day before. But I’m last-minute Tracy, I have to live up to that. I was halfway there, 6 people more to go when my father went inside the car and stared at me through the car window like he was pissed off. All those minutes drenched in sweat and heat were all for nothing. I got inside the car and proceeded to Robinsons. The only thought that was keeping my mind at ease was DFA is in Robinsons. Robinsons with aircon and food. πŸ™‚

I hurriedly went inside National Bookstore and wadyaknow? Another long line. The negativity didn’t bother me one bit this time because my eye caught a copy of The Fifty Shades Trilogy at the display. I even had my father take it and hand it to me. People then looked at my father like he’s a manyak or something. Ha! Those people eventually have read the books, the reason they were eyeing my father in a weird way.

And as positivity was making its way to me, I was then confronted with another long line at the entrance of DFA. People were lining up just to get passport forms and have their forms checked after by the same person who was handing them, the guard. I know it’s not part of every security guard’s duty to do extra tasks and it’s nice of them to do so. I have seen guards in JD taking food trays from the counter and serving customers, guards in Jollibee cleaning up tables, guards in Munsterrific putting groceries in plastic bags and guards in 7/11 helping customers who don’t know how to use the slurpy machine. In behalf of everybody, thank you to all the security guards for their efforts in helping others!

As we got our forms and finished filling them up, we fell behind another long line toward the Information Desk. I appreciate the pretty girl in her efficiency and fast-pace workflow. It definitely makes everyone’s lives easier. She gave us a number and told us to come back around 11 AM. But it was already 10:55. But we went anyways, lagaw din pag may time. We came back 30 minutes later and our numbers were 15 digits behind. The processing area was crowded. People were looking through their folders and brown envelopes every 5 minutes making sure they had completed their documents. And by doing that, everybody in that room looked scared and nervous like they were about to be pleaded guilty or not guilty by the DFA processors at the window. Of course they should be, the processors had loud voices as if they were angry at you for stepping to their office. But that didn’t intimidate me and my father. There’s a thing called charm and it works everytime. *wink* It was finally our turn to approach the judge’s table. Being polite, greeting him a good morning and calling him sir, made him alleviate his already bad mood and we started to make pleasant conversation. But my charm didn’t work 100%. I lacked IDs. I didn’t have the IDs that were on their list so he started questioning me about my educational attainment. But I don’t have my college ID with me and of course I still don’t have a transcript, so I was left to gather my high school documents.

Papa passed with flying colors and finished processing, paying and encoding in under 30 minutes. The perks of being a senior citizen. *le sigh*

At 1 PM I was at the gates of my alma mater and it gave me that reminiscent feeling. The school looked all the same! Still the same buildings, structures, even the same plants. Thank you Assumption for not changing one bit! The staff were of course very nice and helpful like they always were. Ahhh it felt like home.

I requested for my high school transcript with a 5-day processing period. The yearbook would have sent me back to DFA in the afternoon but all the teachers were busy deliberating. It was, after all, the last day of classes.

Some tips:
*If you can’t get there around opening at 8-9 AM, come back around 12 NN. DFA doesn’t have a lunch break and you can march directly from the Information to the Processing window because there are no numbers behind you. Another ideal time to go is at 3 PM where everybody’s almost finished with the last step, Encoding. You get to jump from the Information to the Processing window to the Cashier to Encoding in just minutes.

*Check for the list of documents required for applying for a passport. Don’t waste your time and other people’s time. Be prepared.

*Stock up on IDs! Get an ID for everything. It definitely helps verify your identity and gets you approved fast. The acceptable IDs are:
3. Driver’s License
4. Voter’s ID
7. School ID

*Get another NSO certified birth certificate before surrendering your copy to the DFA. Others failed to keep this in mind and resulted to asking for their birth certificates back.

*Eat a full meal before processing your passport. You’re gonna need all the energy you can get in sitting down and waiting for hours. Haha.

*Don’t wear too much makeup! A girl was embarassed in the Processing window for being asked to take off her makeup and opt for a natural look. She was wearing violet lipstick and a smokey eye. Yes, we all want to look good in our passports but it doesn’t mean you have to prettify yourself like you’re going to a bar.

*Dress nicely and neatly. I noticed men who wore collared shirts and pants and girls who wore work blouses and had their hair pulled back were treated nicely than others.

*Be courteous and polite when dealing with the people in DFA. It doesn’t just give you a nice personality but you can brighten someone’s day as well.

Happy long lines!



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I don’t have anything relevant or life-changing instances to blog for the moment, so i thought I’d let you in on what’s keeping me busy.

I’m busy taking care of these:



This is what’s keeping me up at night:



Quoting Miley Cyrus for this: “We can’t stop, and we won’t stop…”

All hail Carrot Fantasy, all hail!


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I’ll face and admit it: I was never good at relationships. I never settle. I want something new, something better in a different perspective. I can’t satisfy myself with the relationship that I already am in. Persistence has never been my friend. Everything was going stable and steady until one day I left him alone. I didn’t have time for him anymore. I was busy amongst other things. I was on a roll. But there was one instance when we got back together but only for a short time and I left, again. This time, I want to make things work. Now that I have set my priorities straight and know the exact reason why the relationship didn’t work out, I want to give us another try. I am now back to the arms of my one true love: this blog.

“Today is not a day of making promises.” That’s from a John Lloyd movie I watched before typing this. A day is too short, make it a year. I won’t make promises about filling in this blog for the sake of content for this year. I’d have to make that promise again for the following year. I once came across an article stating that to maintain and write a good blog is to be free of genre. I didn’t use double quotes since it didn’t say that exactly but within the synonymous context. I want this blog not only to talk about my preferred category which is everything about skin, but also to talk about my moments, my thoughts and my outlook on life. So I’m shedding my skin and exposing myself to everything. I won’t be focusing on good visuals, titled banners and style and symmetry, but will focus on what matters most: the content.

I checked my Facebook timeline and scrolled down through seeing glimpses of photos and statuses I have made from the past 5 years. I thought myself, this is not a good way to reminisce. As I was reading each post, half of what I put out there didn’t ring a bell. I forgot how that day went, what I was truly feeling, who was I talking about, etc. Then and there, I knew I wanted to write more about my sentience in detail and in true form.

So that being said (or written), I am now engaged to this blog.

If you were possibly thinking of a physical revamp, I now wear red lipstick.




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So Random

Hello there! Did you miss me? I know, I know. I should be punished for not posting anything on this blog for almost 4 months now and to tell you the truth, I’m still surprised why my account hasn’t been deactivated because of prolonged absence. I won’t be writing anything grand for my comeback but instead I’ll just be random and talk to you folks about my small Watson’s haul today. πŸ™‚ I have tried these products for 4 hours up to now so what I’m about to write here are my first thoughts about these new items.


I’ll go from left to right.

Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water
Yup, water. Expensive water for that matter. The rainy season is over and the sun has come to stay. I hate the sun and what it does to my hair. My sister shares the same dilemma too. We found ourselves broke with our “mall allowance” but determined to find a cure to our dry hair problem. We went to Watsons and went through the hair section’s shelves. A bunch of products were in array, but one particular product caught our eye. Ain’t it obvious? I had some extra money put aside for my personal expenses but what the hell I NEEDED to try it. So voila! P265 went poof! First off, it smells really good, like other Pantene products do. It dissolves quickly when applied to the hair with no residue so that’s a plus. Most hair waxes or leave-ons leave off a little white pigment after application. About effectiveness and its promise to beat dryness and humidity in any weather, I still have to find out! πŸ™‚

Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Balm
Was about to to hit the counter when I passed by the cosmetics section and yes, I am such an impulsive shopper. I realized I was almost running out of my Vaseline Lip Therapy and I wanted to opt for a flavored lip balm so I put this in my cart. If I remember correctly, this Maybelline Lip Balm had 5 flavors. I almost picked up the green one with menthol but the sister got in the way by telling me “Amo na bakla kay damo gabakal. Kita mo manugubos na?” Kudos to Pau for being a clever shopper. I bought the one in salmon and my fave color, aquamarine, in Smoothing Cherry flavor. This lip balm claims to give you “instant 8-hour moisture rejuvenated lips in one week”. You had me at moisture and rejuvenated, don’t care how long I have to use it as long as it works. I have chapped lips too. 😦 It’s so creamy I want to eat it everytime I put it on. The pain!

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on
If I have to repeat myself again, I am not a big fan of Garnier products except their eye products. They work! Another impulsive buy again. Spotted this on the way out of SM. It’s not my fault it was the last one on the shelf and it was staring at me with watery eyes telling me “Buy me! Buy me!” And you know me, I can’t say no to something that wants to be bought. πŸ˜‰ (bad excuse) The BB Eye Roll-on is no eye treatment. I think it’s only for coverage purposes. It does have a cooling sensation when applying so I guess it helps a bit with the puffiness. I also needed a concealer because these eyes have been stressed out too much so it gives me the right amount of dark eye circle coverage. The eye treatment I’m using right now is Celeteque Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener. It definitely helps a lot! I use it at night so it doesn’t get mixed up with my daily Olay regimen. Layering skin products could sometimes be difficult and ineffective. One at a time lang ah.

(crappy photo)

After checking out, the cashier gave me a P100 voucher. You could use it on your next purchase with a minimum of P1000. I asked her if I could use 2 or more vouchers in 1 purchase and she said only 1 voucher per receipt. Pft so much for collecting vouchers, to the trash you go!

By the way, there’s a big discount at Girbaud for members! 30% for 1 item, 40 for 2 and 50 for 3 or more items. Just living up to my word of a random post. πŸ™‚

Also, I bought new pillows off of my paycheck. Wee! I’m super duper excited to sleep tonight! πŸ™‚

(pretending to be asleep lol)

Thank you to this one person who reminded me to blog again. This goes out to you!


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Happy Father’s Day x Olay Men

Happy Father’s Day to all your Dads from me! We celebrated Papa’s day initially to buy takeout and eat at home. No, we’re not homebuds, we were just all sick. The four of us have the cough and the flu. Boohoo 😦 With the weather being all chilly the entire day, all I just wanted was sabaw. Tatoy’s invaded my mind all of a sudden and within a few minutes, plans changed and we were on our way to Villa. We all drank hot calamansi (which was namit btw) to soothe our throats. And of course, I got theΒ sabaw just the way I wanted it! Special thanks to our very loyal server at Tatoy’s, Nang Estring. Hrhr XD

Since it’s Father’s day, I will be sharing to you my Papa’s skin products! Yup! πŸ™‚ Read that right. My Papa is an Olay person too! This family loves Olay. πŸ˜€


Refreshing Energy Oil Control Cleanser (For Normal to Oily Skin)
Multi-Solution Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser (For Dry to Normal Skin)
Refreshing Energy Balancing Gel Moisturizer
ALL by Olay Men Solutions

I remember giving Papa oil control films way back and 1 film would only be good for his nose alone. Men secrete oils more than women, take note, which is why it’s a MUST for men to moisturize daily. Papa was at first hesitant of our skin products suggestion because he reasoned out that he doesn’t really need it and it’s a waste of money. After trying out the Olay Control Cleanser for the first time, he was happy with the results! Next, he bought the moisturizer and the results were even better. With continuous use, washing his face with the cleanser and applying moisturizer twice a day, it made Papa’s pores grow smaller, his face tighter and it controls the excess oil on his face. From then on, Papa buys Olay Men products frequently just like his maintenance meds. Papa Lands is a happier man with Olay! πŸ˜€

If you haven’t bought your Dad a gift for Father’s Day yet, Olay Men products would really make your man happy!

Meanwhile in other news, the weather has been kind to my skin lately. I love how I can put my Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream without having to worry about the heat. In sunny days, my day cream would only last for 30 minutes to an hour because of the sun. But with this weather, I feel that it doesn’t wear out on my face for the whole day. But it has been harsh on my health too. I couldn’t sleep well at night because of this dry cough. At times I even have trouble breathing. Get well soon to me!

On the other hand, I’m so glad I had time to snuggle for hours in bed today, catch up with my favorite series, get updated with my favorite blogs and play 5 LOL games. So, don’t let the weather bugs bite you!Β Take care of yourselves in this cold weather and don’t forget to keep a handkerchief with you for precaution.

Happy BRRRR days! πŸ™‚
*cyber hug*



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Real Men Moisturize

Good evening folks! πŸ™‚

Just to point out something: I appreciate guys who are aware and care for their skin. Not many exist however because other men find it gay. Here’s when they’re all wrong. Men need skin care MORE than women. Yeah, believe it. Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s and pores are visibly larger, this means men’s skin accrue more dirt and grime during an average day which is the first reason to an oily face.Β That brings me to a Facebook conversation about CTM with a guy and a girl who are both aware of their skin needs. (Hope they don’t mind if I post it here :D)

Hi Kris Heart Dae and Tope Recio! Will follow up on you guys on your daily regimen after I finish this post. πŸ™‚

Regarding the title for this post, I found this guy’s channel while I was searching for tips for oily skin! His Youtube username is MensSkinCareWithRoss. (Now I know his name is Ross) A guy makes video blogs for skin care. Ohmyglob! He’s awesome for doing so! He’s so informative and you can pick up a lot from this guy. I truly applaud him! And he’s not gay!!! He’s actually good-looking. πŸ™‚ I’m presently stalking his Youtube page and loading all his videos so I get to watch them later without buffering. I’m thinking of starting a video blog too but that would just be pointless because WordPress needs me to upgrade my account (pay $$$) to upload or even just embed videos. I’m happy where my blog has it’s home but really? Pay for video embedding? That is just unrighteous! So anyway, before I rant any further, here’s the link to my new skin idol’s video: How To Control Oily Skin: Tips for a shine-free face

Did you click the link and watch Ross’ video?
You’ll notice he endorses products that are not available in Philippine territory. To help you how to pick the right oil-free moisturizer which you can buy in drugstores in your city or online, I’ve selected a few trusted brands for ya’ll (regardless of you being male or female). To help you even more, I’ve included links to reviews of each brand below.

Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer
A no-brainer πŸ™‚ I’m an Olay girl! Haha
Where to buy: Any department or Watson’s store
(Wanna know a secret? You can get it cheaper at The Atrium! Haha)
Click for review here

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture (Combination Skin)
Where to buy: Ebay
Click for review here

Stila Oil-Free Sheer Tinted Moisturizer
Where to buy: Ebay
Click for review here

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (Oil-Free)
Where to buy: All Clinique stores
Click for review here

The Face Shop Quick and Clear Oil-Free Hydra Cream
Where to buy: All The Face Shop stores
Click for review here

Have you made your pick?
You’ll be oil-free in no time with any of these products! πŸ™‚


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Things To Try: Oatmeal and Carrot Soap

My skin has been a little rough lately. I don’t know if it’s the soap I use, the weather or it just lacks moisture. I ignored the disturbance and went along with my day. When I opened my Facebook, I saw a pop-up message. It was from my old colleague, Yanee! πŸ™‚ In her PM she told me she was selling soaps and if I was interested, I should check them out. Of course I did! Right timing if I may add.

Btw, this post will be a first to belong in my new blog category: TTT! Things To Try! πŸ™‚ If I get hold of new products I’m curious about, I’ll post them here and give you a lil intro about them! What do you think? Eh??

Here are the soaps I got from her today:

They’re organic which is LOVE and super +++ points for me! πŸ˜€ I’m really excited to try themΒ out especially the Oatmeal Soap because it targets your black heads and white heads! Will come back in a week and share with you the results. If you guys want me to do a review, tell me and comment below!

Thanks again Yanee for these wonderful soaps!Β Β πŸ™‚

Yeah baby!!!

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