You may ask, why?

I have this new obssession.

People who I have come across know me as a tomboy (even Simi thinks so)

I’m the girl who doesn’t know how to comb her hair, fix herself and the girl who always looks like she just got out of bed. I dressed up like a little boy with them big shirts and Vans.  I don’t know how to wear makeup properly and I swear I don’t know how to apply on lipstick and when I do, I look like a drag queen. 9 out of 10 people prefer seeing me without makeup on. Most importantly, I didn’t use the basics: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc.  That being said and done, you get the idea. I didn’t know how to be a GIRL… ’til I was 21.

I noticed my face had grown up. All these blemishes came out of nowhere. I had very oily skin and it showed on pictures during high school all the way to college. I had some issues like the usual breakouts. My skin was dry and my skin tone was uneven because I was always out and I didn’t use anything to protect myself from the sun. I had puffy eyes and dark circles around my eyes (common problem). In a nutshell, I looked horrible! O_O

I finally learned my lesson!
(I still don’t wear makeup)

In this blog, I will post about me and my new obssession: SKIN CARE.
I will be sharing with you everything I use and I will be reviewing skin care products for grins!

Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “You may ask, why?

  1. TOMBOY!!!! – Mark Renier Catahay

  2. Manlait ka na gid lang butang mo pa full name mo! Hahaha! Daw abno ka Mark! :))

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