Cold summer nights

It’s finally summer! But why the cold summer nights? On nights like these I just can’t concentrate on my work. The weather, as I call it “the tamad weather” makes me… tamad! I’m a layout artist and my creativity needs to fuel my work. It feels like my brain is giving up on me and so are my eyes. When my bed and warm blanket are just 5 feet away from my work space, I just can’t say no. The temptation is too hard to bear! :/ Since I’m too tamad, better to rest my eyes.

I browsed through the rows of Watsons yesterday like I was in a library. I stopped when I saw a pile of facial masks and tada! JACKPOT! An eye mask! When it comes to work, my eyes are my investment so this is just what I needed. 🙂

Watsons Energising Eye Mask (Refreshing for Tired Eyes) contains multiple plant nutrients which deeply penetrate into the skin. It’s specially formulated for the delicate skin around our eyes. Since there’s a cooling sensation you can feel where the mask is placed, it reduces puffiness of the eyes and lessens the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Now let’s get rid of those tired eyes!

Step #1 Remove contact lenses (if you have) and eye makeup. Clean your face thoroughly.
Sorry if I didn’t take a photo of this step.

Step #2 Take out eye masks and place them lightly over your eyes using your fingertips.

Step #3 Keep eyes closed and relax for 20 minutes. (My favorite part!)

The best thing to help me keep relaxed? Marie Digby’s Unfold Album! I have been an avid fan of Marie for 4 years way back her Youtube days. I love her voice and the acoustics on her songs sound soothing and calming. My favorite tracks on her album are “Paint Me In Your Sunshine (Bonus Track)”,”Beauty In Walking Away” and her own rendition of “Umbrella”. Unfold is available for download at iTunes here: Download Unfold

Follow Marie on Twitter! @mariedigby

Well that was a good 20 minutes. 🙂

Step #4 Gently massage any remaining essence into skin around your eyes. No need to rinse with water! Discard eye masks after use.

And you’re done!

With continuous use, your eyes should look revitalised even after a long working day! Watsons Energising Eye Masks costs P30 so if you want to achieve well-rested and healthy under eyes, I suggest a daily dose. But if you always get enough sleep (unlike me), use it 3 times a week or whenever you wish.

Keep those beautiful eyes in check!
Off to dreamland! Night night! 🙂



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  1. Minaj! Thanks for reading. Ehe 🙂

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