First love never dies…

My love for Dove started when I was about 12-14 years old when Mom switched the family soap to Dove White Original. I was young then and I didn’t have any know-how about how this soap worked. I grew up using Safeguard everyday because it was the only soap commercial on TV and in the radio that appealed to the mass when it came to anti-bacterial soaps and the infamous “Kuya Germs”. The thought of being squeaky clean was sold! During my Safeguard days, I smelled like bagong labadaΒ and my skin had this somewhat harsh texture.Β I despised lotions because they had this sticky feeling and it would take time to squeeze that bottle and put on. 3 minutes of putting lotion is too long for me since I wake up 30 minutes before school starts almost every day. Everyday was a race. Carrying my Robbi stroller bag up 20 flights of stairs was easy-breezy. Anyway, the first day I used Dove, I was immediately satisfied with the results! It deeply moisturized and gave my skin a smooth and silky finish. What I love about this soap is how it lathers on your skin and with Dove it’s frothy and creamy, like icing! The scent is nice too. Since then, I never turned my back on Dove.

I was a stranger to facial washes too. I’d chuckle at Pond’s commercials promising you a fresh, clean and lighter face in 7 days. I used Dove every morning and night as my preferred facial wash. It just gave me this natural glow and I was simply satisfied. Come my 4th year in college, I became aware of my skin issues. I had dark spots, blackheads and a lot of pimples on my forehead since I had bangs. On a random weekend, I went to Watsons and bought Pond’s Black Beauty facial wash. Ehe πŸ™‚ Ate my words. Black Beauty worked all right. I don’t know if it lightened my dark spots or lessened my blackheads but it kept my face pimple-free… for a while. I ran out of my supply and my Pond’s regimen went on a halt for about a week. And wow, I broke out like I really broke out! I also had minimal redness on my skin. So when you start using Pond’s, never discontinue using it. Bollocks for me.

Then came the new Dove 7-day challenge. I was hesitant at first but then the boyfriend told me to do it. And I did! I didn’t genuinely follow the rule: no mirrors for 7 days, but hey, it worked out just dandy! Dove gave my face a break from all the chemicals that Pond’s was inflicting on my skin. I came back to my first love. And my love for Dove will never cease. Oh this time, I use Dove in Pink Rosa.

What I absolutely love about Dove is how their brand empowers women of all ages and color. The thought of being contented with what God has given you is uplifting.

Dove launched their own hair products too which is dream come true! And do you know who’s the new face of Dove? The ever charming and GLEE-ful Leah Michele! Click the link, watch and listen as she sings about her favorite things: Leah Michele’s Favorite Things

Have a great Dove day and stay beautiful! πŸ™‚



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