Skin Geek: Serum 101

Welcome to my first Skin Geek (Skin Deep) post!
This category will serve as a dictionary of skin products that I have researched about and bravely tried out for myself. Hihi 🙂

I went inside Skinfood at SM City last week with Nicolea Irene to see if they had stocks similar to the products I’ve been using. I was expecting to see just the basics: BB creams, toners, body butters, lavender-scented nail polish removers and the like. The polish removers smell nice btw. 🙂 My eyes started to drift from one bottle to another as I hastily read the descriptions of the labels. There were tons of things I were unfamiliar about. They had serums, emulsions, essences, mists and oils and I was naive about how they worked.

For those of you scratching your heads and having the same dilemma too, let me break it down for ya, Tracy style! Let’s have a go at it. First, SERUMS.

This type of product earned a reputation not only in beauty salons worldwide where cosmetic serum was first used as long as 20 years ago but also among everyday users of skin care who never knew any serum except for “sweet curd” serum. Nowadays, both men and women, who are striving for competent skin care, use it. So, what is serum?

A serum is a highly concentrated product based on water or oil as any other cream. Serums, or concentrates, contain approximately ten times more of biologically active substances than creams, therefore quicker and more effectively coping with skin problems.

When concentrates are used, the skin immediately gets the necessary amount of active substances in such form which assimilates easier. The active substances in high concentration act in the same way as creams – they moisturize, rejuvenate, lift up, etc. What’s great about it is that if concentrates are used correctly the noticeable results will be reached quicker.

According to the effect produced all serums are divided into the following categories:

  1. lifting up
  2. revitalizing (rejuvenating and regenerating)
  3. moisturizing
  4. nourishing
  5. anti-inflammatory
  6. soothing
  7. anti-stress

Use of serum also depends on the season and climate where a person lives. Where I live, the humidity is unbearable and the heat is intense. In this climate, concentrates are based on water (for normal and dry skin) or accompanied by antiseptic concentrates (for oily skin as they have a slight drying effect). For my readers who live in the North (if there are any), I suggest oil-based serums, whether it is a cream or a concentrate.

Serum can be used by people of all ages and gender. Yes, gender. 🙂 It can be used by a teenager with acne problems, older women suffering from wrinkles and signs of aging, or guys with sensitive skin who want to get rid of inflammation caused by shaving. All of these, serums can do with very immediate results! TRUE!

But while serums will give you that instant skin improvement, it costs my 15th day pay. 😦 That of Skinfood, that is. While I was giddily looking through the store at Skinfood like a little girl in a candy store,  I couldn’t buy it off the shelf with the money from my piggy bank. If I was still a little kid, I’d look at Mommy with puppy dog eyes and point to the “toy” on display.

As my new favorite saying goes, SKIN is a good investment. So I bought one in tester size. Ehe LOL 🙂 (Cheater!)

I highly recommend Skinfood’s Peach Sake Pore Serum. Since summer has come, it has magnificent sebum control. Use it at night and apply ample amount to the facial area. You should wake up with a fresh face! Say no more to oily skin! P.S. It has a peachy smell, that’s why I love it even more.

Have an oil-free summer! 🙂
Happy Holy Week!


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