Bloggers United 3

It was my first time to attend Bloggers United and silly me for initially thinking the event was like a talk/seminar for bloggers. Shame on me!  -_- I wasn’t excited about this event, not at all! I didn’t purchase air tickets weeks before,  asked BU3’s admins everyday if they were selling advance tickets or joined every contest that would give away passes for free. Relax lang ako! I’m a BIG fan of ukay-ukays because you get items worth a lot less of their value, plus you can haggle or ask for discounts! Other than being giddy about diving in a pile of clothes, I was uber excited to meet their pre-owners aka the fashion bloggers of the country! 🙂

We arrived at Grandview Events Place around 10:30 AM.
Look at the line! The event was on the 3rd floor and the line went all the way to the 2nd. I think I was the 60th person on line.

My dearest love, Tin, was too sweet to accompany me to BU3. This was officially our first date! ❤
Pau, my sister, and Nang Weng were with us too!

Since Pau and I won free passes from Bloggers United giveaway on Twitter, they let us pass with ease.

Thought I’d snatch a pic first before entering heaven. 🙂

Can you imagine the fun and chaos put all together?

Upon entering the venue, the first booth you will find is Laureen and Camille’s.
Still wondering why they shared one booth when they had so many stuff to sell. Hmm.

There’s moi checking out Laureen Uy’s stuff.

Camille’s shoes! I regret not buying  the yellow strap flats at the upper left. :/

Next to Laureen and Camille’s booth was Kryz Uy‘s!
She’s a goddess! She’s beautiful, down-to-earth, charming, gorgeous… I could run out of words to describe her!
She was really nice and I chatted with her a little bit regarding the shoes I was desperately wanting to purchase.
Had to say what I bought from Kryz was my best find in the whole bazaar! 🙂

Seph Cham‘s hair really caught my eye! BLUE 🙂
He’s like the male Katy Perry!
I will admit, I had a little crush on this guy back then. Ehe 😀

With the ever stylish and gorge Anastasia Siantar all the way from Indonesia!
Bloggers United was kind enough to fly Anastasia to the Phils.
I stalked her site a few days before BU3 and I love her style! She’s my new favorite fashion blogger! ❤

My ever stalked and most idolized fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian, couldn’t be found anywhere. Boohoo 😥 It was her mother’s birthday so it’s excusable, I think. Anyway, just to feel like she was there I took a photo with one of her BFF’s Krissy! 🙂 Doms was too busy talking with a hot guy so I didn’t want to get in her way. Here’s a pic of  Doms with Tin:

Just look at these beautiful beings. O_O

Just learned that this girl right here is pure Ilongga!
With the bohemian chic Cheyser Pedregosa 🙂
Of all the bloggers, I could relate to her style the best. I love all of her looks! So relaxing and simple but very fashionable and hippie at the same time!
After introducing ourselves, I told her that I first learned about her on Tumblr, but as a poser. I later found out her real name and identity and started fangirling about her. Lels 🙂

Next up is the charming David Guison!
Everybody back home wanted me to pose for a photo with him. Now I see why! He’s cute and super stylish mamorma! 🙂


With the twins Verniece and Vern!
Verniece was very amiable and pakeng pretty!!! :))

“Have a good day mate!”
That short phrase and accent made my day!
Robbie Becroft aaaaaah!!!

Joanna Ladrido and her killer heels!
Followed this beauty on Bloglovin’!

The “kalurky” Divine Lee also dropped by at BU3!
She told me she liked my dress (True?) But I love her sequin shorts! 

Divine took a break from her booth and nagpahangin malapit sa aircon with her friends.
Yep! Though the area was air-conditioned but because of a lot of people going in and out, the heat was kinda intense.

While Divine was busy with the aircon, Tin and I stole her boyfie, Victor, for a photo!

Both Laureen and Camille were 3-4 hours late so we waited patiently.
See the look on Tin’s face? 100% patient!

Finally! Camille Co is in the building!!! 🙂
People were literally throwing themselves at her just to get a picture. Parang artista lang! Sobra pa nga.
Before posing for a photo with her, I told her I came all the way from Iloilo for this event, she was extra nice and said “Really? Wow! Cge damihan natin!”  ❤
Oh and she was really really tall btw. See how she bent down so I wouldn’t look too short? Haha! 🙂

Getting a picture with Laureen Uy, Philippines #1 fashion blogger, was a daunting task. There was even a line for chrisakes!
When I had my moment with her, it turned out to be comedic. She didn’t know which camera to look at because all cameras where at her. When my sister signaled to look that way, she gave out a cute laugh and said “Kaloka!” :))

We finished around 4 pm because our feet gave up on us already.
Outside Grandview Events Place at the Buma Bldg.

And that’s how my Bloggers United day went!
The experience was thrilling! My favorite part was buying from the bloggers. Everything was very cheap like almost 80% off their original prices. I can’t wait to go to the 4th installment! Heard they were doing it before this year ends? Will post all the stuff I bought from BU3 in my next post!

Meanwhile, here’s a poor and exhausted Tracy sleeping at the airport waiting for the flight back home:

This post wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t related to skin!

For the longevity of the day I used Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Shade #1!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Like it says in it’s label, Perfect Cover, it has 80% coverage ability. The finish is matte so it’s a pretty good choice for oil control. I use it every day after my moisturizer and it gives me a clean and refreshed look. My skin is very even after using it. This is my favorite BB Cream so far! 🙂

Hope you could join me in my next Bloggers United trip!
‘Til the next post! Ta!



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  1. Cute blog! Caught on cam yung pahangin ko! haha!

    Much love,

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