Independence Day x Garnier OilClear Sauna Mask

Happy Independence Day Pilipinas!

I’m so happy this day has arrived because it’s the 114th anniversary of our freedom plus I get to psychologically fool myself that it’s a FREE day which only means one thing: I get to do what I want today. HAH! Fooled you, Tracy! I initially planned on doing something else for my free day but my spontaneity got me to better places. 🙂 So here’s how I spent my Independence “FREE” Day:

I rode a jeepney to the city and sat there for almost an hour. I switched jeepneys then after so that manong driver wouldn’t catch me having a joyride. Haha. In our daily life, we rush a lot of things. We want to get things done fast for the day and 80% of the time mind our own business with work or school. Sometimes, we forget the little things like a stranger greeting you a pleasant morning with that huge grin on his face. Honestly, that made my day. 🙂 We should learn to appreciate the little but important things in our life and the jeepney ride taught me that. Btw, I’ve been dying to do this since I graduated. I used to ride random jeepneys all the time in college. Sometimes it would reach the corners of Jaro or Villa.

I also went to the city to look at some stores. “Look” became “buy” and I bought lots of arm candies, a ring, a bracelet bead kit and a roman jotpad from my favorite accessories store. It did cost me half of the money I had but they were actually very cheap!

Hafta say my favorites are the ones in the mid bottom. I love their beads! 🙂

I’ve been watching TV (so not me) for the past weeks and a particular commercial would always glue my eyes to the screen. I told myself if it’s really big ‘n’ tasty, then why isn’t it in my mouth yet? So for my free day I opted to finally taste the mysterious burger from Mcdonalds!

Just look at the ooooooooozing cheese O_O I didn’t regret spending 165 php for this heavenly burger. And I love how they only name it Big ‘N Tasty and nothing more. It’s the perfect title for a burger like this! I’m starting to love you again Mcdo! Keep it up! 🙂

Lastly, I treated myself to a sauna mask para relax 😀 I’m not a Garnier girl but I seem to have a liking of their masks and eye brightening products because they’re the only ones who really work for me. The Garnier Skin Naturals OilClear Zinc Self-Heating Sauna Mask (ang haba) is specifically for those who have oily to combination skin which is the one and only reason why I bought it instantly. I like how they make products for different skin types. It’s like you bought a pair of jeans that fits you just right. 🙂 So as not to bore you with more reading, I’ll give you a rundown instead of how it works:

1. Wash your face and pat dry. If you’re the type of person who uses heavy make-up, I suggest you use make-up remover first then proceed with washing your face.

2. Apply gently on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Because I have a huge forehead, I used most of the product on that area. Hahaha!

And here’s where I break the rules, as usual. In a really hot day just like everyday here in Iloilo, I sweat a lot and with sweat comes oil. So I also applied an ample amount of the mask to where I would initially sweat. Not the armpits! It’s the area above my upper lip and right under my nose. 🙂

Say hello to my happy mask face! 😀

3. Leave on for 3 minutes. The moment I put a dab of the mask on my skin, I felt it tighten immediately which is a great sign that it’s working! But after a few minutes I could feel the heat. Sauna mask gani. It was not so intense but if felt like a hot towel was sitting on my face. When I breathe (which humans involuntarily do) the air coming from my nostrils feels like a hot air blower to the skin above my upper lip.

Here’s me trying to relieve myself from the heat of the mask. Like that would help. LOL 🙂
While waiting I turned to my laptop and pressed play on the Ellen Show snippet I’ve been endlessly watching all day.

It’s a short video of Ellen with the “T-Pain Mic” and T-Pain in the middle part singing with her. Wanna watch too? Link here:

4. Time to rinse it off!

You can now proceed to your CTM ritual. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize! Use 2-3 times a week for best results! 🙂
Cheers to an oil-free face!

How did you spend your Independence Day? I’d love to know! 🙂
Comment below, send me a link to your blog or PM me!



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3 responses to “Independence Day x Garnier OilClear Sauna Mask

  1. My Independence Day: Worked my ass off at the office (yes, we don’t have holidays in my line of work), ate another office desk lunch, checking FB from time to time. And now, time for me to go home and eat some midnight dinner. Hahah.

  2. That’s the best Independence Day experience ever! :)) Ok lang yan. Work will pay off later. That’s what I always tell myself. 🙂

  3. Hahah. Gani man. No work, no pay. =)

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