Things To Try: Oatmeal and Carrot Soap

My skin has been a little rough lately. I don’t know if it’s the soap I use, the weather or it just lacks moisture. I ignored the disturbance and went along with my day. When I opened my Facebook, I saw a pop-up message. It was from my old colleague, Yanee! 🙂 In her PM she told me she was selling soaps and if I was interested, I should check them out. Of course I did! Right timing if I may add.

Btw, this post will be a first to belong in my new blog category: TTT! Things To Try! 🙂 If I get hold of new products I’m curious about, I’ll post them here and give you a lil intro about them! What do you think? Eh??

Here are the soaps I got from her today:

They’re organic which is LOVE and super +++ points for me! 😀 I’m really excited to try them out especially the Oatmeal Soap because it targets your black heads and white heads! Will come back in a week and share with you the results. If you guys want me to do a review, tell me and comment below!

Thanks again Yanee for these wonderful soaps!  🙂

Yeah baby!!!


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  1. Oatmeal soap, carrot soap? Nice.

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