I’ll face and admit it: I was never good at relationships. I never settle. I want something new, something better in a different perspective. I can’t satisfy myself with the relationship that I already am in. Persistence has never been my friend. Everything was going stable and steady until one day I left him alone. I didn’t have time for him anymore. I was busy amongst other things. I was on a roll. But there was one instance when we got back together but only for a short time and I left, again. This time, I want to make things work. Now that I have set my priorities straight and know the exact reason why the relationship didn’t work out, I want to give us another try. I am now back to the arms of my one true love: this blog.

“Today is not a day of making promises.” That’s from a John Lloyd movie I watched before typing this. A day is too short, make it a year. I won’t make promises about filling in this blog for the sake of content for this year. I’d have to make that promise again for the following year. I once came across an article stating that to maintain and write a good blog is to be free of genre. I didn’t use double quotes since it didn’t say that exactly but within the synonymous context. I want this blog not only to talk about my preferred category which is everything about skin, but also to talk about my moments, my thoughts and my outlook on life. So I’m shedding my skin and exposing myself to everything. I won’t be focusing on good visuals, titled banners and style and symmetry, but will focus on what matters most: the content.

I checked my Facebook timeline and scrolled down through seeing glimpses of photos and statuses I have made from the past 5 years. I thought myself, this is not a good way to reminisce. As I was reading each post, half of what I put out there didn’t ring a bell. I forgot how that day went, what I was truly feeling, who was I talking about, etc. Then and there, I knew I wanted to write more about my sentience in detail and in true form.

So that being said (or written), I am now engaged to this blog.

If you were possibly thinking of a physical revamp, I now wear red lipstick.





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2 responses to “Revamp

  1. Mister Abberant

    You have acquired my attention lately , please feel free to indulge me with your “adventures”.

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