En route to…

Since I have no choice but to sit here for the next 3 hours with nothing to do, (my files are on the external inside our office where there’s a photoshoot going on at present) I thought I’d get started on my posts regarding my Ilokandia trip. Posts? God knows it could be a novel long so I decided to blog like chapters. A chapter for each Ilocos tour day.

Our tour started with, of course, getting there.



We landed at NAIA 7 hours before our next flight to Laoag. The traffic was intense, as always. Mostly our time was consumed on travelling from the airport to MOA and back.

Touchdown Laoag!



I fancied the aura Laoag had because they preserved all their buildings and establishments. This is one of the reasons I have gratitude to the Spanish for their influence. Laoag is kind of reminiscent of how Iloilo used to look like when I was 7 years old. I miss the old Iloilo.


Our first stop was the Bell Tower. Can you see Mama Mary? Look closely.



A whole day of flights and taxi rides didn’t tire us one bit. We were excited to explore Laoag at night. Our first stop was the city’s night market near our hotel. I didn’t just fall in love with what I saw in Laoag but fell in love with the Ilocanos as well. They’re all very nice and charming. They’re probably the nicest people I know! And this is a tiny melon…



Like Roxas City, you can roam around Laoag with trikes. I find their version cool! Their trikes have stainless steel sidecars and plate numbers.


We called it a night after late dinner at my fave, Mcdo!

Will post Day 1 soon!



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