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Allergies X Cough X Awesome

It’s been two weeks since I last sat at my doctor’s clinic. Two weeks of itchy throat, constant coughing, nasal congestion, watery eyes and sleepless nights. He diagnosed me with allergies. Apparently, I was allergic to the weather, to a substance in the air and to dust. At first I was like “Wow! Totyal! Allergic sa yab-ok.” and my thoughts trotted to the deepest unknown, “This must be an epidemic or a virus and thousands of people might die. What’s worse, I might die.” Crazy but maybe true. Most of the people I know suffer from the same condition. I went over the internet and read that such an allergy exists. (Not that I believe the internet more than my doctor) Anyway, I had to take a couple of medications, which I really really really hate (I find it difficult to swallow tabs hehe), and in a few days I was a-okay! Morning and nightmares came a.k.a. Thesis and I had a 39° fever. I cooled down after thanks to Nicolea and Zoey. Love you hihi xx The allergies came back and they were back for realzzz.

Say hello to my new-found friends. They are always there for me, never leave me alone. I talk to them when I cannot sleep at night. They sometimes hear me cry. They are my source of relief and hope that someday I will overcome this tragic moment in my life.

But here’s the good part! This allergy has its benefits too. I left out my miracle friend out of the photo because I didn’t have any left. The calamansi! It does wonders for me. First, I like a good hot cup of calamansi juice to kick start my morning; second, it’s absolutely refreshing; and of course, lastly, it gets me through the bitchiness of my itchy throat. I drink a minimum of 2 cups everyday each with 8-10 pieces of calamansi. To lessen the tang, I don’t use sugar but I use honey instead. Sugars are the worst enemies of throats so stay away from them and refrain from eating sweets or cold drinks. Plus, honey is a natural pain reliever because it creates a coating in your throat and helps it heal. Drinking cups and cups of hot calamansi juice didn’t only help me sleep well at night but it also decreased my stomach fats. Tested proven and effective! I was so focused on its effect on my throat, that I didn’t notice I was losing weight. So if you want to rock a hot bod this summer, calamansi is your friend.

Okay, I’m actually not very overjoyed about the losing weight part. It took my a lot of time and effort to bulk up. I guess I have to buy another box of donuts again.

So until now I’m still living with the allergy and the coughing. I just hope one day it would go away soon so I can be my energetic and crazy self again.



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